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We selected seven Emerging Designers to create a capsule collection inspired by leather.

Congratulations to Rebecca Robbie, the winner of the 2015 New Zealand Light Leathers Fashion Design Award
 'Hundreds and Thousands'

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New Zealand Light Leathers Ltd Designer Section

This year we partnered with iD Fashion Dunedin Fashion Week to present the inaugural New Zealand Light Leathers Designer Section.

We donated leather the each of the designers featuring in iD and asked them the create an outfit to showcase our leather with the freedom to design a piece that came from their own inspiration and style.

Praticpating Designers;

Nom*d, Perriam, Jason Lingard, Dada Vintage, Liann Bellis, GG, Mild Red, Deval, Charmaine Reveley, Jane Sutherland, Beats Clothing, Carlson, and Company of Strangers

We are pleased to announce the recipient of the New Zealand Light Leathers Lts award for the iD International Emerging Designer Award for 2015 id Ercia Deluchi from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Erica Deluchi - HOLONYMY collection at the iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2015

Congratulations to Jessie Wong who was the winner of the New Zealand Light Leathers Fashion Design Awards in association with Wellington Fashion Week


We are happy to announce the winner of the NZLL Award - Lucilla Gray - from the iD International Emerging Designers.


New Zealand Light Leathers won the heavily contested 'Exporter of the Year' title at the recent South Canterbury 2010 Business Excellence Awards.